My Wish for Women

As a female entrepreneur, I am often asked for professional advice tailored toward women. I love talking to women and addressing the specific challenges they might face (I remember having to hand the phone to a male employee of mine many years ago because the person on the other end did not believe that I, a woman, could possibly be the decision maker at VIETRI), but my advice pertains to everyone: find something you feel confident in and go for it. 

Think back on what you loved to do as a child; I really believe that is the key to unlocking what you will enjoy pursuing as an adult. For me, I loved art, colors, reading, and helping my mother set up for entertaining. My professional path before starting VIETRI was winding, but I ended up right where I was supposed to be, and I feel proud of my accomplishments. I believe everyone can find their excitement for achievement, whether it be in the realm of raising children, writing a book, working in finance, being a doctor, an attorney, or a scientist. Find something that lights you up, go after it, and don’t give up. Pursuing something with purpose provides confidence, something I wish everyone could feel. 

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