Italy on a Plate

In my debut memoir and cookbook, I celebrate 40 years as Founder and Creative Director of VIETRI. Italy on a Plate is an exploration into what makes Italy so magical: its staggering beauty, unparalleled style, artistic legacy, and incredible food. The close friends I have made during my years of Italian travel have graciously shared their homes and their favorite family recipes, and this book gives a culinary tour of Italy's flavors with recipes you will enjoy with loved ones for years to come.


Take a look inside Italy on a Plate.

The Old St. Nick Series

While Italy on a Plate is my first memoir, I picked up my pen as an author over ten years ago for the Old St. Nick series. With my dear friend and maestro artisan Alessandro Taddei, I write heartwarming stories of Italy's Santa Claus, Babbo Natale, the jolly character on VIETRI's beloved Old St. Nick dinnerware collection. Each whimsical book follows Babbo Natale on a new adventure, and each book imparts wisdom for children and adults alike. The books are available individually or as a gift set featuring a curated keepsake tote with a special gift relating to the book's theme.

The Magic of Old St. Nick: The Adventure Begins

A charming tale of Babbo Natale, Italy's Santa Claus, and his dear son, Nick. Babbo Natale shares life lessons with his son, and the pair pay tribute to a special red bird. Over the course of the sweet story, young Nick learns how to take on his father's place as Old St. Nick to spread holiday magic.


The Magic of Old St. Nick: Good Friends, Good Earth

Upon returning from his annual trip around the world, bringing joy to those near and far, Nick is delighted to find his forest friends waiting for him eager to hear about his travels and exchange gifts. The charm in book two is the story it tells of protecting and preserving nature for generations to come.


The Magic of Old St. Nick: Buon Appetito!

After taking their traditional hike on New Year’s Day, Nick and his friends are hungry. They decide to cook and then enjoy a meal together – a way to celebrate their friendship. This book features recipes that you can use to create your own holiday memories.


The Magic of Old St. Nick: Sempre Amore

Nick's animal friends travel to visit special loved ones and return home, sharing heartwarming stories about their adventures and who they visited. The red bird is ever-present as a reminder that they are loved, and that someone special is always thinking of them. Unconditional love, emotional guidance, and life experiences are learned from each other and is at the heart of these friendships. Time passes too quickly, yet taking the time to share joy and love is clearly shown by these young animal friends.


The Magic of Old St. Nick: Caring Hearts

There will always be reasons for concern for the world's children. Around the globe today, a combination of causes is putting kids in need of help. The joyful news is that caring hearts can always find a way to make things better, especially when they work hard, smart, and together. Isn't that true for all of us? In the Magic of Old St. Nick: Caring Hearts, Old St. Nick and his animal friends receive mountains of letters from children early in the year and find a way to help.


Old St. Nick Children's Book Collector's Set

Delight in the magic of the holiday season with the Old St. Nick Children's Book Collector's Set featuring the five books in this festive series: The Adventure Begins, Good Friends, Good Earth, Buon Appetito, Sempre Amore, and Caring Hearts. Maestro artisan Alessandro Taddei's magical paintings joyfully pair with VIETRI Founder Susan Gravely's prose for an Italian Christmas classic featuring our beloved Babbo Natale.