I was recently asked to share the three people who have influenced me most in my life. I have been lucky to have had so many loving, generous people guide me in life, but here are the first three that come to mind. 

My father, Lee Gravely. He was larger than life in my eyes. He was charismatic, bright, handsome, and interesting. He was very strict and sometimes hard on his children, but at the end of his life, he expressed his love and pride often. He taught me that the world is small and that home is only a phone call or a plane ticket away, an idea that has encouraged me to pursue adventure all my life. 

Xenia Lemos, owner of Agriturismo Casetta. My dear friend Xenia went to the London School of Economics and was prepared to work in her family’s shipping business. She changed course, moved to Tuscany, bought her uncle’s country home, and restored the absolutely gorgeous Casetta. She has a sense of world history and interest in people and politics that inspire me. She is curious about life, land, and friends. She has a wicked sense of humor and adds to everything and every person she meets and knows.

VIETRI's Board of Directors. I am so proud that our board has been used as a shining example in leadership programs. Our board members give their time, input, and support to all at VIETRI whenever we call. They are paid very little for the expertise they represent. It is an honor to have them, and I learn from them every day.